Stop The Expansion Of Warth Park!

April 2018 Update

Raunds Henge courtesy of Graham Lancaster

Find out more about the ancient neolithic henge found on the site of the Warth Park expansion, the callous tweet the contractors promptly deleted and the local residents and media interest in the site that may soon be encased in concrete after 4000 years HERE

December 2017 Update

After all the effort and funds the communities of Raunds and Stanwick have put into resisting the destruction of the local environment, you may well wonder why Roxhill and Howdens have been allowed to force through a development which offers minimal if any advantage to local communities.

You might wonder why this happened, with a Localism Act which claims to offer ‘Community Empowerment’, confirmed by Marcus Jones, Minister for Local Government, whose response to a Parliamentary Question was ‘I can confirm that one of the key aims of the Localism Act was to give more power to local people to help shape their communities.’

You might wonder why, with this Localism Act, local communities had to raise funds from their taxed incomes to take an appeal all the way to the High Court, while predators Roxhill and Howdens get tax relief on overturning the laws which are supposed to give a voice to local communities. And get the support of taxpayer-funded ENDC to do this.

Representatives of WPOG sat through the High Court hearing, where:

  • ENDC were, in effect, permitted to state their case twice, once through a barrister funded by Roxhill
  • ENDC fielded a barrister who, it appeared, had not even bothered to familiarise himself with the case papers, and came across as incoherent
  • The judge had received papers from both the ENDC and Roxhill barristers but our papers had mysteriously gone missing in the same system
  • ALL barristers agreed that, had Raunds had a Neighbourhood Plan opposing the Roxhill / Howdens vandalism, then there would have been a case
  • The fact that ENDC forced Raunds Town Council to accept changes to the Neighbourhood Plan making it appear as though the people of Raunds accepted Roxhill / Howden’s plans meant there was no defence – despite the level of complaints and the fact that the Plan had not been submitted to a referendum.

To summarise the logic of our legal system, keep a lie going for long enough, bully those with less power, ignore democracy, get the destruction started early, and those with the power to prevent this corruption will shrug and say the damage has been done.

So you might well form the view that ENDC thinks itself above the law of the land. Not all of them of course, but you will find the councillors who voted for the destruction HERE. Not to forget ENDC Planning Department – current and past employees Graham Wyatt, Paul Bland, and Rhys Bradshaw all seemed much more amenable to pushing the case on behalf of well funded Roxhill and Howdens, than to listen to the local community whose taxes pay their salaries.

Above the law? How else to view a council which:

  • Ignores its duty to involve ALL communities affected by planning applications – breach of Localism Act and NPPF
  • Lies about the status of the Neighbourhood Plan of one of the affected communities
  • Sits on another Neighbourhood Plan opposed to the application then springs into action to pressurise the Town Council to accept changes which do not reflect the views of the local community, just at the point when this undermines the case being brought by the local community
  • Fails to check the validity of a highly questionable case put forward by a developer through 5 months of protest by local communities
  • Cannot be bothered to field staff capable of providing answers to predictable questions during a planning meeting
  • Makes claims about absence of traffic problems with no evidence whatsoever when the existence of those problems is well known
  • Ignores its responsibilities under Health and Safety legislation
  • Fails to exercise its building control responsibilities and lies about the actions it intends to take
  • Allows an applicant to introduce an entirely misleading description of the land concerned and makes no attempt to correct this at any point.

We have a Council which is out of control, a Council which is much readier to listen to well-funded developers than to local communities.

We should be very afraid of the further damage this Council is likely to cause. It’s too long till there’s the rare chance to vote the Council traitors out. We need to keep defending what is left of our environment.

Please keep coming to this page.

Post about all the traffic problems Roxhill are causing and refusing to remedy.

Keep your eyes open for damage caused by Roxhill and Howdens and report it here.

Keep your eyes on ENDC planning site for sneaky attempts to change the planning permissions and make things worse.

The smug b******s of Roxhill and Howdens and ENDC think that waving their financial powers around will make us meekly abandon our democratic rights – let’s show them they’re wrong.

About the expansion of Warth Park in Raunds

The proposed expansion of the Warth Park industrial estate in Raunds has galvanised a community not scared of change, but wary of its consequences on the local area and environment.  Many families in Raunds, Stanwick and the surrounding villages can see the unchecked expansion having little benefit to them weighed against the cost to their quality of life from increased HGV traffic, noise, pollution and loss of traditional countryside.

On 29th March 2017 the East Northamptonshire District Council Development Management Committee chose to approve the plans for phase three of Warth Park, the huge industrial complex overlooking the town of Raunds and village of Stanwick.

This decision was made despite both Raunds and Stanwick councils voting against the plans, a huge number of private objections, a well organised and vocal opposition group, a petition presented in the House of Commons backed by the local MP, the developers numerous planning errors, omissions and falsehoods and the overall process being skewed by the underlying threat of a planning appeal.

The planning meeting can be viewed HERE and details of the Councillors who voted FOR the expansion can be found on this website.

The fight will continue, Warth Park can not be allowed to dominate the surrounding countryside of Raunds and Stanwick. The planning process and decision will be shown for the farce it became, the Stop Warth Park Facebook Group has increased in membership since the decision date.

The planning meeting 29th March 2017

Join the fight!  This website will be regularly updated and be sure to visit the Facebook Group for discussions and latest developments.  Follow us on Twitter @StopWarthPark