Increased Traffic Problems

The expansion of Warth Park has lead to a huge increase in traffic problems around the site with daily incidents of HGVs overshooting the entrance to the estate.  These vehicles then try and turn around at the Red Lion mini roundabout or attempt dangerous reversing maneuvers at Meadow Lane, Marshalls Road or other residential roads.

The increased traffic was not seen as an issue by East Northants District Council, against the advice and judgement of all the objectors during the planning meeting and in written correspondence beforehand.  The danger to pedestrians and other road users is only going to increase, as the construction and ultimate use of Phase 3 is still months away.  Roxhill stated that Phase 3 of Warth Park could cater for up to 800 HGV movements per day but this does not include the staff or traffic already using the site.  Many of the vehicles are either from overseas or driven by staff not familiar with the area, many satellite navigation systems are not yet updated with the latest layout of the estate leading to some attempts to access via Meadow Lane.

Local residents worried about the dangers of 44 tonne vehicles being driven passed their homes or blocking their journeys have started posting images of the culprits on the Facebook Group.  You can see a selection of the uploads below with the date the image was taken.  This gallery will be regularly updated.  Feel free to also email images directly to us at