High Court Ruling – No Judicial Review

Well, it looks as though lying pays, especially when the cost of defending it comes from us hard working tax payers, or gets company tax relief, while the cost of opposing the lies comes out of the taxed income of real people.

We did not get the result we needed today, so no Judicial Review. Without the sort of funds Roxhill can bring to bear, there’s nothing more we can do to protect our environment.

Factors which came into play included the fact that ENC has manipulated the timetable and contents of the Raunds Neigbourhood Plan to the extent that they can now claim that the situation as it stands now means that ENC would be able to use their revised version of the Raunds Neighbourhood Plan to approve the Roxhill / Howden desecration of the rural environment.

That’s not the democratically developed plan you had input to. It’s the version with the amendments imposed by an examiner paid by ENC, with the full knowledge that the plan reflecting this community’s wishes did not support the greed of a single predatory developer.

We even had a Halloween zombie appear today, with references to the mythical country park, whose very existence has been denied by ENC who call it private land. Yes, those artificial lines of trees and tarmac paths, where horses may not enter, and whose runoff is destroying Meadow Lane – that’s seen as an amenity equivalent to real rural countryside.

How can such a situation arise in a democratic country? Have a look at the councillors who approved this and remember those names next time you vote in ENC elections. You won’t get a chance to vote them out till 2019, but even that’s better than giving them another four years to promote the interests of predatory developers over the interests of the people they are elected to represent.

We will have more information for you as we collate it, but that’s the headlines. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the fundraising, but don’t put more money in there as Roxhill and ENC are determined to get their hands on it at the expense of the solicitors and barristers who put in so much hard work for us. And thank you to the small number of stalwart councillors who had the guts to stand up for the people of this community.

As for the Raunds Neighbourhood Plan, it doesn’t matter how you vote now. That’s right folks. Your vote doesn’t count. Whether the plan is accepted or rejected, the liars get their own way.

Council Traitors
The ENDC Planning Group – Good work guys you should be proud.

One thought on “High Court Ruling – No Judicial Review

  1. We are so very, very sorry. We thank all of you that campaigned on behalf of the people of Raunds. You should be very proud of yourselves for getting as far as you did against all the odds. It is disgusting that Justice has not prevailed. All the people involved in manipulating the process in favour of Warth Park should be ashamed of themselves.

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