The Raunds Henge

The contractor responsible for the development work at Warth Park has excavated the 4000 year old henge, the very same henge that got so many people upset as it could soon be covered permanently in concrete!

The contractor, Winvic Ltd happily displayed their find on Twitter on 14th April 2018, a tweet that was promptly deleted!  Wonder why they would want to hide news of such a great archaeological find?  Perhaps they didn’t want the publicity that it will soon be destroyed??  As archaeologists go, Indiana Jones left less destruction in his wake.  Fortunately we got a screenshot of the tweet to remind them…

The Raunds Henge tweet by @winvicltd

2 thoughts on “The Raunds Henge

  1. A remarkable discovery and should be protected for future generations not for developers to concrete over to never be seen again.

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